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Client Focused - Market Driven

At Highlander Financial Services, an independent broker & consultant of voluntary insurance products, we partner with independent school districts, municipalities and other public entities to help create comprehensive benefit packages designed to attract the talent you want and retain the talent you have.

The Way We Work is Simple:

  • First, we ask questions and listen to your needs.

  • Next, we search the market and select the products and services that work best for you and your employees.

  • Then we present you with an array of plans to choose from and assist you with implementation and ongoing plan administration

Our Independence is Your Advantage:

  • We work with - never for - many insurance companies, so our loyalty is always with our clients.

  • Unlike many of our competitors we aren't tied to one benefits administration system and can pick the software and services best suited to you.

The Result:

Hassle-free, comprehensive, affordable group plans and services your employees' want.

Meeting Specialty Insurance Needs

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